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On-Line Store : Bill Fish Sculptures

Most of our Bill Fish Sculptures are intricately crafted in Brass and Marble using the ancient "Lost Wax" technique and "Imperial Finish" applied by hand creating stunning luster and depth.

80203P Double Marlin. Brass/Marble. 9h 5.5w 3.5d.  $130.00

80204P Marlin & Sailfish. Brass/Marble. 10h 5.5w 3d.  $145.60

80085P Little Bully. Brass/Marble. 9.5h 6w 5.5d.  $187.20

80092P Blue Water for Sale. Brass/Marble. 11.5h 7.5w 4.5d. $145.60

31524P Keys Double (Marlin & Sailfish). Brass/Marble.  15h 12w 6d. $325.00

31527P Slam (Marlins & Sailfish). Brass/Marble. 24.5h 14w 8d. $637.00

80091P Excited Blue. Brass/Marble. 11.5h 6w 5d. $150.80

31995P Chance Encounter (Marlin & Sailfish). Brass/Marble.  25.5h 14.5w 11d. $1,027.00

80256P Fighting Marlin with Tackle. Brass/Marble. 15h 9w 6.5d  $195.00

80122P Islamorada Two Step (Marlin & Sailfish). Brass/Marble. 13h 8.5w 5d  $176.80 

80257P Fighting Sailfish with Tackle. Brass/Marble. 14.5h 11.5w 9d. $221.00

31996P Ballyhoo for Sail (Sailfish). Brass/Marble. 23h 18w 11.75d.  $845.00

80252P Underwater Duel (Sailfish) with Glass Ball. Brass/Marble/Glass. 24h 21w 10.5d. $1,365.00

31999P Magnificent Marlin. Brass/Marble. 41h 18.5w 14d. $1,755.00

30817P Tail Walker Sailfish. Brass/Marble. 16h 9w 7.5d. $234.00

30818P Grand Slam Marlin & Sailfish. Brass/Marble.  24h 14w 8d. $637.00

30813P Feeding Frenzy Sailfish. Brass/Marble. 9.5h 6w 5d. $104.00

30814P Sweet Success Marlin.  Brass/Marble, 22h 10.5w 8d.  $507.00

30816P Hunting Marlin. Brass/Marble. 10.5h 5.5w 4d. $109.20

30815P Two Bills (Marlin & Sailfish). Brass/Marble. 15h 12w 6d. $280.80

30843P Museum Sailfish. Brass/Marble. 16h 25.5w 9d. $507.00

30821P Bull Mahi Mahi. Brass/Marble. 9h 9w 7d. $187.20

30820P Dorado Tango Mahi Mahi Duo. Brass/Marble. 16h 10w 8d. $429.00