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On-Line Store : Mermaid Sculptures

Most of our Mermaid Sculptures are intricately crafted in Brass and Marble using the ancient "Lost Wax" technique and "Imperial Finish" applied by hand creating stunning luster and depth.

30206P Mermaid with Dolphins. Brass/Marble. 22h 10d. $715.00

80254P Mermaid Console Table. Brass/Glass. 31h 48w 18d. $4,667.00

80238P Deep Sea Pals Mermaid and Turtle. Brass/Marble. 19.5h 7.5w 5.5d. $254.80

80242P Ocean Explorers Mermaid and Turtles. Brass/Marble. 26.5h 12w 11d. $949.00