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On-Line Store : Seahorse Octopus Crab and Lobster Sculptures

Most of our Sea Life Sculptures are intricately crafted in Brass and Marble using the ancient "Lost Wax" technique and "Imperial Finish" applied by hand creating stunning luster and depth.

80216P Octopus Tan Hot Patina. Brass. 3.5h 8w 5d.  $114.40

80215P Octopus Red Hot Patina. Brass. 3.5h 8w 6.5d.  $176.80

80201P Octopus. Brass. 5h 6w 5.5d.  $93.60

80191P Blue Crab. Brass. 4h 5w 4d. $57.20

80190P Dungeness Crab. Brass.  4h 5w 4d. $57.20

80198P Single Seahorse. Brass. 8.5h 5w 3.5d. $124.80

80199P Triple Crown Seahorses. Brass. 9.5h 5w 3.5d. $169.00

31521P Large Seahorse with Coral. Brass/Marble.  18.5h 8.5w 8.5d. $429.00

31519P Small Seahorse with Coral. Brass/Marble. 6h 3w 3d  $67.60

31520P Medium Seahorse with Coral. Brass/Marble. 11.5h 5.5w 5d  $187.20 

80249P Octopus with Treasure (3.5d Glass Ball Included). Brass/Glass. 5h 9.5w 7.5d. $306.80

31649P Night Walker Florida Lobster. Brass. 8h 9.5w 7.5d.  $202.80

80206P San Francisco Bay Trio (Crabs). Brass/Marble. 8h 15w 5d. $280.80

80106P Corbett the Crab. Brass. 2h 8.5w 4d. $83.20

31555P Blue Crab. Brass. 4h 7w 5.5d.  $78.00

80250P Seahorse Duo. Brass/Marble.  18h 8w 6.5d. $325.00

31543P Fighting Blue Point Crabs. Brass/Marble. 15.5h 9w 8d. $455.00

30514P Large Blue Point Crab.  Brass,  7.5w.  $78.00

33843P ALUMINUM Octopus End Table. ALUMINUM/Glass. 22.5h 25.5w 24.5d. $910.00