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On-Line Store : Imperial Finish Turtle Sculptures

Our new sytles of Brass Turtle Sculptures incorporates an Imperial Finish (applied by hand resulting in stunning depth and luster) with a Copper/Goldish look and more realistic Coral accents.  Another variation to this style is our hand cast brass with enamel finish.

80087P Alex the Turtle. Brass. 1.5h 5w 4.5d. $70.20

80098P Reef Explorers. Brass/Marble. 5.5h 2.5w 4d. $83.20

31991P Signature Series Turtle Duet. Brass/Marble. 20.5h 15.5w 15d. $663.00

80111P Aquatic Encounter.  Brass/Marble. 48h 24w 17.5d. $3,367.00

31046P Large Imperial Finish Turtles. Brass/Marble. 51h 25w 21d. $4,667.00

80113P Playground Pals.  Brass/Marble. 12.5h 9w 6.5d. $265.60

31038P Imperial Finish Turtles Console Table. Brass/Marble/Glass. 32.5h 48w 18d. $4,550.00

80115P Paradise. Brass/Marble. 7h 4w 3d. $88.40

80134P Double Turtles on Ribbon.  Brass/Marble. 12.5h 6w 4d. $143.00

31551P Dolphin and Friends. Brass/Marble. 13.5h 6.5w 5.5d. $234.00

80081P Lagoon Encounter. Brass. 9h 8w 6d. $223.60

80133P Triple Turtles. Brass/Marble. 7.5h 9w 6d. $150.80

80242P Ocean Explorers Mermaid and Turtles. Brass/Marble. 26.5h 12w 11d. $949.00

80099P Tortuga's Pride. Brass/Marble. 8h 6.5w 5d. $166.40

80238P Deep Sea Pals Mermaid and Turtle. Brass/Marble. 19.5h 7.5w 5.5d.  $254.80

30467P Manatee and Friends. Brass/Marble. 13h. $202.80

80254P Mermaid Console Table. Brass/Glass. 31h 48w 18d. $4,667.00