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A Premier local artist, Thomas' artwork adorns homes and public venues around Hawaii and indeed the World.  One of his commissioned paintings is the only painting in the USA Inventor's Hall of Fame, Akron, Ohio.  Visitors to Oahu marvel at his tiled mural at the entrance to the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.  Now, you too can have one or all of his masterpieces in several affordable media options--It's the story behind each painting that allows him to express it in art so effortlessly.

MEDIA OPTIONS (options are limited for some pieces):

ORIGINAL:  Hand Painted in Oil on Canvas, using paints invented by the artist.

PRINTS:  Double Matted Prints using Archival Quality Inks and Paper - Hand Signed, each comes with the story behind the painting and artist bio--available as frame-ready 8X10" (5 X 7 Print) or 11X14" (8 X 10 Print).

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"Dance of the  Dolphins"

Whether you are above or below the waterline, observing dolphins at play resembles a dance performance. They seem to move together, yet independently; rehearsed by a daily routine of playtime. These 5 dolphins dance together in rhythm, weaving their paths of tapestry through a poetic light show.
Original Size:  24 x 36
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"Humuhumu a Maninis"

Self Explanitory.
Original Size:  24 x 36
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"Kauai Spouting Horn"

This natural wonder occurs when water rushes under a lava shelf and bursts through a small opening at the surface. Every wave produces another spray. Spouting Horn frequently spurts salt water 50 feet into the air. This phenomenon is especially exciting at sunset when the spray becomes incandescent with the colors of the rainbow.
Original Size:  24 x 36
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"Lanikai Sunrise"

There are many special times in Lanikai, and for many the start of another gorgeous day in paradise starts with a walk on the beach, witnessing some of the most beautiful sunrises, awakening the Mokulua Islands while the fine sand of Lanikai massages your feet.
Original Size:  24 x 32
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"Leopard Shark"

Self Explanitory.
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"Portrait of a Dolphin"

Similar to another painting titled "Friendly Curiosity", this piece represents the child ego state that dolphins are the symbol of. After seeing you in the ocean, the curious creature swims right up and introduces itself, as if ready for a photo shoot; hence the title, "Portrait of a Dolphin".
Original Size:  24 x 24
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"Shaka Dolphin"

If you’ve been to Hawaii or live here, we say, "How are you?" by saying "Howzit". The hand signal for this is the "shaka" sign, by simply extending your pinky and thumb when you see a friend. This dolphin has no hands so it uses its tail to say SHAKA, or HOWZIT!
Original Size:  24 x 36
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"Shiro Bekko"

Koi fishes are the most expensive fishes in the world, commanding over $25,000 per fish. The snow-white color of this koi, along with the contrast of the black, makes this koi very valuable. Thomas made this koi even more valuable - he painted the Hawaiian Islands into the markings, can you find them?
Original Size:  24 x 36
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"Trio of Tranquility"

Three dolphin siblings playing in the ocean together through their childhood. Thomas made this painting to symbolize his sister Kathy and brother Kevin. Although they are all on with their lives, their childhood playful memories are preserved in the "Trio of Tranquility".
Original Size:  24 x 36
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"Hawaiian Island Reflection"

The Hawaiian legend about the creation of the islands says that the god Maui literally “fished” the islands out of the ocean, using the “fishhook” from the constellation Scorpio. In the reflection of the ocean, you can see the Hawaiian Islands and the surface highlights, which form the constellation Scorpio. Can you see them?


"Mermaid Angel"

Self Explanatory.



Self Explanatory.


"Crystal Blue Persuasion"

Self Explanatory.


"Octopus' Garden"

Self Expanatory.


"Moonlight Breach"

Self Explanatory.


"First Dip"

Self Explanatory.


"Kauai Turtle Cave"

One of a series of paintings depicting the beauty of Kauai, the northernmost island in the Hawaiian Island Chain. Indigenous birdlife enjoy the sunset as another day ends on the Napali coast on the island of Kauai. Can you see the shape of Kauai in the cave’s outline and it’s reflection?



Relaxing in the stillness of the ocean, this dolphin basks in the warm light of the nurturing sun, pausing to give thanks while reflecting on the many fond memories of play, laughter, beauty, and the lifestyle of the dolphin...


"Dolphin Baby"

This proud mother feels the unconditional love only a parent could, while her baby looks up at her with adoration and gratitude. A halo of light breaks the surface and surrounds the special love that can never be broken between a parent and child.


"Full Moon Mokuluas"

This painting is one of Thomas' top selling paintings. The size of the moon and the purple pinkish glow around it capture people and bring back memories of walking on the beach on a still night, the soft silky sand gently carpeting your feet as you remember how lucky you are to witness the “Full Moon Mokuluas” experience. First displayed in a Kailua restaurant named "Jaron's", this painting helped launch Thomas’ career. The Mokulua Islands are off Kailua bay in Lanikai, on Oahu in Hawaii.


The most meaningful compliment from a client was about this painting. A man phoned Thomas one day and told him that he and his wife would dine regularly at a restaurant in Kailua named Jarons and see many of Thomas' work of the Mokulua Islands (off Kailua bay in Lanikai, on Oahu in Hawaii), then go take a walk and see the moon rise between the islands, just like this painting. He then explained that his wife was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within 3 months. He bought this piece to remind him and his 8-year-old daughter of the many good times they shared, and the walks on the beach in Lanikai.


"Hanauma Bay"

This tile mural is viewed up close by 4,000 - 6,000 people a day at the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve on Oahu in Hawaii. The 6 ft. x 12 ft. mural has been professionally scanned and can be reproduced at any size. A commission from the State of Hawaii, it tells the Hawaiian legend of Hanauma Bay, which means "hand wrestling” bay. Can you see the two hands wrestling in the coral arch on the left side of the mural?


In addition, there is the island of Oahu formed by the wrestling coral hands, and Hawaii’s State fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a kissing Hanauma Bay on the map of Oahu.


"Kauai Wave"

Surfing is a passion of Thomas’, and only the Hawaiian island of Kauai makes this composition possible. Can you see the shape of Kauai in the wave’s outline? This is the view that a surfer sees while inside the”tube”, or curl of the wave. The mountain you see is the famous “Bali High”, on Kauai’s north shore, near Princeville.


"Morning Breach"

One of Thomas' first 5 paintings, this piece was used to promote a Kenny Loggins Concert benefiting Earthtrust, an environmental group saving whales and dolphins around the world. Kenny told Thomas that of all the images he had seen used to promote his concerts, Morning Breach was his favorite. He then asked about buying the original, but it was just sold 2 months earlier to a collector for $6,500.


"Motherly Love"

The title says it all, and the painting shows it all. A mother protecting her newborn baby, her protective flipper guiding it through its first moments of life. The kind of love only a mother can give.


"Myrtle and Bert"

Myrtle the Turtle is on a date with a special friend named Bert. He’s a funny turtle giggling and burping all the time. Bert makes Myrtle smile and laugh.

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