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A Premier local artist, Thomas' artwork adorns homes and public venues around Hawaii and indeed the World.  One of his commissioned paintings is the only painting in the USA Inventor's Hall of Fame, Akron, Ohio.  Visitors to Oahu marvel at his tiled mural at the entrance to the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.  Now, you too can have one or all of his masterpieces in several affordable media options--It's the story behind each painting that allows him to express it in art so effortlessly.

MEDIA OPTIONS (options are limited for some pieces):

ORIGINAL:  Hand Painted in Oil on Canvas, using paints invented by the artist.

PRINTS:  Double Matted Prints using Archival Quality Inks and Paper - Hand Signed, each comes with the story behind the painting and artist bio--available as frame-ready 8X10" (5 X 7 Print) or 11X14" (8 X 10 Print).

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"Myrtle the Turtle"

This painting needs no story. The “Mona Lisa” smile from Myrtle is unusual. Why? Turtles naturally don’t have a smile on their faces like dolphins do; they sometimes look grumpy. This is why Myrtle is the poster child for Turtles around the world...



"Nessie Lives"

This painting was a dream commission for Thomas. A $100,000 commission for the USA Inventor’s Hall of Fame by the Academy of Applied Science, Thomas flew to Scotland, did many sketches and studies, and grew as an artist and person because of it. It is featured on his website and used as an example of how a commissioned painting evolves from literal concept to finished work of art.


"Paradise Rainbow"

Due to customer demand, Thomas makes a horizontal version of “Paradise”. The horizontal format not only fits over a couch nicely, it gives a more relaxing feeling as if you were at this beach in Lanikai, looking on the horizon for the subtle rainbow… horizontal compositions are peaceful and relaxing; vertical compositions command reverence and respect.

One day in March of 2010, a big wave broke on Thomas’ shoulder while surfing out here, dislocating his right shoulder and causing immediate paralysis to his arm and hand. Fortunately, Thomas is a left handed artist and took this accident as an opportunity to create more paintings.


"Reef Dolphins"

Amazed by the colors of the reef, yet drawn to the mesmerizing light rays, these dolphins can’t make up their mind where to go! The closest dolphin has decided to check out the reef, the farthest dolphin is going to the light show, and the one in the middle can’t decide. Which dolphin are you?


"Save Our Reefs"

Many of Thomas’ commissions in the early part of his career were tile murals involving reef scenes. When he started painting on canvas, he naturally started painting reef scenes. One of his first 5 paintings, this piece is a popular aquarium substitute. Horizontal compositions are peaceful and relaxing. Vertical compositions command reverence and respect. The vertical version of this is titled “Living Reef”.


"Kailua Twilight No Trees"

Created in 2010 for the 40th anniversary of the Kailua Men’s Night Doubles Tennis tournament at the Kailua Racquet Club, this was the classic concept used when the tournament first started in 1970. Capturing one of the most special times of the day, only several times a year, the Kalaheo hillside glows with the last of the sunset colors reflecting off Kawainui Marsh and Kailua Bay as the night sky falls under a crescent moon.


"Mystic Angels"

Although truly not an angelfish, these Moorish Idols are such unique looking fishes that the name angelfish stuck with them. We are so used to seeing these graceful creatures against the color blue that Thomas thought it appropriate to paint them in a more dynamic color, creating a mystical feeling of grace and passion. It’s sister piece is titled, “Moorish Idols”.


"Pearl Diver"

Self explanatory.



Koi fishes are the most expensive fishes in the world. This particular koi fish is the most valuable, sought after by collectors because of its colorings and their placement. A koi like this can sell for $25,000 or more. Thomas made this koi even more valuable – he painted the Hawaiian Islands into the markings. Can you find them?

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"Celestial Symphony"

Humpback whales are the opera singers of the ocean. Their "songs" last up to 20 minutes. Each whale repeats it's own song over and over again. "Celestial Symphony" is a celebration of the whale’s performance, ending with a standing ovation, and this humpback whale seems to be saying, "Tadaa!"
Original Size:  24 x 30
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"Lanikai Rose"

She embryo of life cascades out into a protective pyramid of energy that glows over Lanikai and the Mokulua Islands.
elf Explanitory.
Original Size:  24 x 30
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"Seahorse Lovers"

Self explanatory.
Original Size:  24 x 30
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